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Related article: Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 19:29:54 -0400 From: Subject: After His Shower The first time I saw his cock I was about 16. I was laying in my bed reading, when I looked over and saw him coming out of the bathroom. He was completely naked and wet as he opened the door to the linen closet looking for a clean towel. He stood there for several minutes, the water glistening on his body, dripping down his chest and arms, and my young eyes were transfixed by the site before me. I had never seen a naked man before Preteen Models Nn -- just the other kids in my gym class during showers, and I tried hard not to look at them fearing that they might catch me looking. But now I couldn't help but look. He didn't notice me, or didn't seem to anyway as he stood there naked and wet searching through the closet for something he wasn't finding. I tried not to move, but turned my head to regard his body from a better perspective. I had seen him in his underwear before -- threadbare white briefs which left little to the imagination -- but the sight of his cock "in the flesh" was intriguing and erotic to me in a way I can't explain. His chest was smooth, except for a few patches of black hair around his nipples and in a path from his belly button to his crotch where they blossomed into a thick black bush of hair above his cock. His cock was soft but seemed enormous to me. It was about 4 inches long and looked thicker than I imagined. As he leaned forward to search through the linens, his cock pulled away from his body and I could see the thick shaft with dark, wrinkled skin leading up to a cock head that was plump and slightly pinker than the rest of his cock. As I regarded his cock I was simultaneously exhilarated and ashamed. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and it made my own cock grow with excitement. I thought it was the most perfect cock that I would ever see and I couldn't keep my eyes from it. At the same time I thought of my own cock and wondered if it would ever be so big or so beautiful and felt inadequate but hopeful that my still growing cock would some day catch up to his. As he stood straight again, his cock once again rested against the soft skin surrounding his perfectly shaped balls. He pulled out a towel and started to dry himself in the hallway. At this point I began to wonder why he hadn't checked to see if he was alone but enjoyed my luck that he was not being cautious. After a minute of drying his self off in front of me, he stepped back into the bathroom and I was left alone with just the memory of my first voyeuristic experience. As I layed there, still peering down the hallway in the hope that I would be able to see him again, I couldn't get the image of his beautiful cock out of my head. I was glad that I saw it and hopeful that one day I too would have such a perfect cock. By this time my own cock was hard and poking against my pajama bottoms. They were the type of pajamas that had a fly front with no button so my cock could easily have slipped through the hold. I wanted to release it and touch myself but dared not start until I knew I was alone. I adjusted myself through the fabric, turned to my side and tried to get back to my reading assignment but every time I looked at the page the only thing I could see was his cock in my mind's eye and my own young cock Preteen Models Nn got harder and harder. I layed there for a few more minutes when I noticed a shadow emerging from the bathroom door. He was wrapped in a towel that was so filled with holes that it should have been torn up for rags. I tried not to look but as he walked toward my room he caught my eye and he began to speak. "Do you have any towels in your room?" he asked, standing in my doorway. I tried not to move too much, fearing my own cock would slip through my pajama bottoms but turned my head to the other side of the room to check. "No," I said. "I don't think so." He looked around my room from the doorway for a few minutes and also could not see any. While he looked, I noticed that a hole in his towel was affording me another look at a portion of the shaft and head of his perfect cock. I tried not to stare but couldn't help myself. I didn't know if I was ever going to see it again and wanted to look as long as I could. I thought how the thin, worn fabric of the towel was the only thing keeping me from seeing all of him again and, though I could see the outline of his bulge through the towel and the glimpse of his beautiful manhood, I was so eager to see him again that I secretly hoped that the ragged towel would give way and drop to the floor. "What are you reading?" he asked me, either not noticing or caring that I was staring at his crotch so intently. "Nothing, just something for school," I answered, with typical 16 year old attitude. I wanted to engage him in conversation so he would stay longer but he just Preteen Models Nn smiled and left me alone again with my thoughts. As he turned away and walked toward his room he pulled the towel off and I could see his manly, naked ass lightly dusted with thin black hairs, the full mounds of flesh rising and falling as he walked into the doorway of his room. He put the towel around his neck, turned around, looked at me and closed the door slowly allowing me one more distant vision of his naked body. As I saw him my own cock slipped through the hole in my pajamas, hard with the pleasure of the experience and straining for relief. I allowed it to be free, pointing toward the man who had coaxed it to life. I wondered why he closed his door since he almost never did that before. Was he embarrassed that I had seen him naked or was he in there doing what I wanted to do to myself? I imagined him laying on his bed rubbing his hand up and down the shaft of his perfect cock, regarding it with pride as he stroked the thick shaft up to the plump pinkish head now wet with pre cum. If I looked like him, I thought, I would touch my cock whenever I could. I would get hard if I ever saw myself in the mirror and want to enjoy the feeling of my cock growing in my hand. I imagined what it would feel like to touch such a large cock. I imagined what it would feel like to lick the soft skin with my tongue as it became harder and harder with excitement. I could, I thought, put a cock head like that into my mouth and savor the taste of it forever. I imagined what something so beautiful would taste like as I allowed my own hand to feel the soft skin of my own throbbing young cock. I kept my eyes on his door half hoping and half fearing that he would open it as I allowed myself to masturbate to the thought of him. It didn't feel wrong or dirty or unusual to me that his cock made me so hard. It just felt good. As I layed there on my side, slowly stroking my rigid cock I imagined he was in his room doing the same thing. I imagined that he was thinking of me watching him while he stroked his perfect cock until he came. As my own body shuttered with climax I heard a soft moan from his room. I imagined the stream of cum erupting from his thick cock head, running down the soft skin of his shaft and hand as my own cock spurt forth the largest flow of cum I had ever had. It landed on my sheets and on my hand and I was exhausted with pleasure and lost in my thoughts. After a few moments I pushed my cock back through the hole in my pajamas and got up to go to the linen closet to get a wash cloth. As I opened the door to the closet he opened the door to his room. He was wearing just a robe, untied in the front and he stood next to me looking somewhat confused. He reached in and grabbed two wash cloths and handed one to me. As he stood before me I could see a drop of cum dripping from his cock head but fought the urge to wipe it up for him. My own cock began to grow hard again as I thanked him for the washcloth. He closed his robe and the door to the closet. "Good night, Todd," he said. "Good night, Dad," I replied.
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